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The Death Wind

"Behold the Death Wind. I guess you already opened your eyes to see realm of magic through long training."
"Stop making me do all these bullshits and teach me how to make swords."
"In here, Wolf Howl Forest, every wind of the world flows and joins. That's why dark auras and ectoplasmic energies from all over the over the world unite to form a grotesque colony."
"I wanna make swords."
"People called it in many names, thinking it as a group of ghosts. The Wild Hunts, Ghost riders, the Army of the Deads... You can't blame their ignorance since the Death Wind actually brought death to the livings, though it wasn't related with ghosts."
"I wanna make swords."
"Now go up and bring me a handful of Wind. I'm gonna make an armor out of that."